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Identification of the promoter of amidase gene for expression of useful mycobacterial genes

Narayanan, S and Cox, R A and Colston, M J and Narayanan, P R (1998) Identification of the promoter of amidase gene for expression of useful mycobacterial genes. In: Workshop on Tuberculosis Research: In to the 21st Century, 1998.

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The genetics of mycobacteria has lagged behind because of several reasons. Mycobacteria grow very slowly. their generation time ranging anywhere between 12-24 hrs. Mycobacteria are rather hydrophobic and tend to grow in clusters and there is difficulty in purifying individual cells for genetic analysis. Very few genetic markers have been found in mycobacteria because there is no known naturally occurring genetic exchange in mycobacteria. With the creation of genomic libraries of M. tuberculosis more than 50 genes have been characterised. Many of them are not expressed efficiently in Escherichia coli (E.coli) under the control of their own promoters, since very few mycobacterial promoters are recognised by the E. coli transcription machinery. This clearly shows that mycobacteria use a different system of gene regulation. Understanding the gene regulation of mycobacteria might throw light on the slow growth rate, about their persistence in a resting phase and also about their intracellular survival. Besides this if inducible or strong promoters are identified they can be used in over expression of genes coding for proteins useful in diagnosis and protection.

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