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1. Srinivasan, V and Lakshjmanan, B C and Ponnuraja, C (2015) An Overview on the complement of Kaplan-Meir estimation and cumulative incidence estimation in the presence of competing risks - simulation approach. International Scientific Research Journal, 1. pp. 61-65. ISSN 2412 026X
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2. Hilda, J. Nancy and Narasimhan, Meenakshi and Das, Sulochana D. (2015) Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains modify granular enzyme secretion and apoptosis of human neutrophils. Molecular Immunology, 68 (2). pp. 325-332. ISSN 01615890 Item availability may be restricted.
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3. Velayutham, B. and Nair, D. and Ramalingam, S. and Perez-Velez, C. M. and Becerra, M. C. and Swaminathan, S. (2015) Setting priorities for a research agenda to combat drug-resistant tuberculosis in children. Public Health Action, 5 (4). pp. 222-235. ISSN 22208372
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4. Monin, Leticia and Griffiths, Kristin L. and Lam, Wing Y. and Gopal, Radha and Kang, Dongwan D. and Ahmed, Mushtaq and Rajamanickam, Anuradha and Cruz-Lagunas, Alfredo and Zúñiga, Joaquín and Babu, Subash and Kolls, Jay K. and Mitreva, Makedonka and Rosa, Bruce A. and Ramos-Payan, Rosalio and Morrison, Thomas E. and Murray, Peter J. and Rangel-Moreno, Javier and Pearce, Edward J. and Khader, Shabaana A. (2015) Helminth-induced arginase-1 exacerbates lung inflammation and disease severity in tuberculosis. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 125 (12). pp. 4699-4713. ISSN 0021-9738
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5. George, Parakkal Jovvian and Pavan Kumar, Nathella and Jaganathan, Jeeva and Dolla, Chandrakumar and Kumaran, Paul and Nair, Dina and Banurekha, Vaithilingam V. and Shen, Kui and Nutman, Thomas B. and Babu, Subash (2015) Modulation of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines in active and latent tuberculosis by coexistent Strongyloides stercoralis infection. Tuberculosis, 95 (6). pp. 822-828. ISSN 14729792 Item availability may be restricted.
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