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Use of multiple media for the cultivation of mycobacteria from specimens other than sputum

Paramasivan, C N and Vanaja, Kumar and Alexander, C and Venkatesan, P and Somasundaram, P R and Prabhakar, R (1987) Use of multiple media for the cultivation of mycobacteria from specimens other than sputum. Indian Journal of Medical Research, 86 (3). pp. 290-294. ISSN 0971-5916

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An investigation was carried out on the efficacy of using multiple media in the isolation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from specimens other than sputum, during the period 1980-1984. Of a total of 3807 specimens examined, 818 were urine, 1428 cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), 567 lymph glands, 94 pus samples, 224 operation specimens, 91 gastric aspirates, 108 ascitic fluid and 477 were other types of specimens. Each specimen was inoculated onto one set of media consisting of two slopes each of ‘Lowenstein-Jensen’ medium (LJ), LJ medium containing 0.5 per cent sodium pyruvate (LJP) and 7H11 oleic acid albumin medim (7H11) and two bottles of selective Kirchner’s liquid medium (KL). In all, 550 (14%) were positive by culture in any one of the four media used. Considering the different media individually, KL had the highest efficiency yielding 339 (62%) of the total 550 positive cultures. Also, KL detected 162 positives which were not positive by any of the other media. This was followed by LJ with 328 (60%) positives. LJ and KL when considered together detected 93 per cent of the positives and LJ, LJP and KL increased the positivity to 99 per cent. Thus LJ and KL seems to be the best combination for the isolation of mycobacteria from specimens other than sputum.

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