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Andrade, Bruno B. and Pavan Kumar, Nathella and Amaral, Eduardo P. and Riteau, Nicolas and Mayer-Barber, Katrin D. and Tosh, Kevin W. and Maier, Nolan and Conceição, Elisabete L. and Kubler, Andre and Sridhar, Rathinam and Banurekha, Vaithilingam V. and Jawahar, Mohideen S. and Barbosa, Theolis and Manganiello, Vincent C. and Moss, Joel and Fontana, Joseph R. and Marciano, Beatriz E. and Sampaio, Elizabeth P. and Olivier, Kenneth N. and Holland, Steven M. and Jackson, Sharon H. and Moayeri, Mahtab and Leppla, Stephen and Sereti, Irini and Barber, Daniel L. and Nutman, Thomas B. and Babu, Subash and Sher, Alan (2015) Heme Oxygenase-1 Regulation of Matrix Metalloproteinase-1 Expression Underlies Distinct Disease Profiles in Tuberculosis. The Journal of Immunology, 195 (6). pp. 2763-2773. ISSN 0022-1767

Anuradha, Rajamanickam and Munisankar, Saravanan and Dolla, Chandrakumar and Kumaran, Paul and Nutman, Thomas B. and Babu, Subash (2015) Parasite Antigen-Specific Regulation of Th1, Th2, and Th17 Responses in Strongyloides stercoralis Infection. The Journal of Immunology, 195 (5). pp. 2241-2250. ISSN 0022-1767


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Devasundaram, Santhi and Khan, Imran and Kumar, Neeraj and Das, Sulochana and Raja, Alamelu (2015) The influence of reduced oxygen availability on gene expression in laboratory (H37Rv) and clinical strains (S7 and S10) of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Journal of Biotechnology, 210. pp. 70-80. ISSN 01681656


George, Parakkal Jovvian and Pavan Kumar, Nathella and Jaganathan, Jeeva and Dolla, Chandrakumar and Kumaran, Paul and Nair, Dina and Banurekha, Vaithilingam V. and Shen, Kui and Nutman, Thomas B. and Babu, Subash (2015) Modulation of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines in active and latent tuberculosis by coexistent Strongyloides stercoralis infection. Tuberculosis, 95 (6). pp. 822-828. ISSN 14729792


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Kumar, Nathella P. and Moideen, Kadar and Banurekha, Vaithilingam V. and Nair, Dina and Sridhar, Rathinam and Nutman, Thomas B. and Babu, Subash (2015) IL‐27 and TGFβ mediated expansion of Th1 and adaptive regulatory T cells expressing IL‐10 correlates with bacterial burden and disease severity in pulmonary tuberculosis. Immunity, Inflammation and Disease, 3 (3). pp. 289-299. ISSN 2050-4527

Kumar, Nathella P. and Sridhar, Rathinam and Nair, Dina and Banurekha, Vaithilingam V. and Nutman, Thomas B. and Babu, Subash (2015) Type 2 diabetes mellitus is associated with altered CD8+T and natural killer cell function in pulmonary tuberculosis. Immunology, 144 (4). pp. 677-686. ISSN 00192805

Kumar, Nathella Pavan and Banurekha, Vaithilingam V. and Nair, Dina and Kumaran, Paul and Dolla, Chandra Kumar and Babu, Subash (2015) Type 2 diabetes – Tuberculosis co-morbidity is associated with diminished circulating levels of IL-20 subfamily of cytokines. Tuberculosis, 95 (6). pp. 707-712. ISSN 14729792

Kumar, Nathella Pavan and Moideen, Kadar and Dhakshinraj, Sharmila D. and Banurekha, Vaithilingam V. and Nair, Dina and Dolla, Chandrakumar and Kumaran, Paul and Babu, Subash (2015) Profiling leucocyte subsets in tuberculosis-diabetes co-morbidity. Immunology, 146 (2). pp. 243-250. ISSN 00192805

Kumar, Nathella Pavan and Moideen, Kadar and George, Parakkal Jovvian and Dolla, Chandrakumar and Kumaran, Paul and Babu, Subash (2015) Coincident diabetes mellitus modulates Th1-, Th2-, and Th17-cell responses in latent tuberculosis in an IL-10- and TGF-β-dependent manner. European Journal of Immunology, 46 (2). pp. 390-399. ISSN 00142980

Kumar, Nathella Pavan and Moideen, Kadar and George, Parakkal Jovvian and Dolla, Chandrakumar and Kumaran, Paul and Babu, Subash (2015) Impaired Cytokine but Enhanced Cytotoxic Marker Expression inMycobacterium tuberculosis–Induced CD8+T Cells in Individuals With Type 2 Diabetes and LatentMycobacterium tuberculosisInfection. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 213 (5). pp. 866-870. ISSN 0022-1899


Madhumitha, Haridoss and Mohan, Viswanathan and Kumar, Nathella P. and Pradeepa, Rajendra and Babu, Subash and Aravindhan, Vivekanandhan (2015) Impaired toll-like receptor signalling in peripheral B cells from newly diagnosed type-2 diabetic subjects. Cytokine, 76 (2). pp. 253-259. ISSN 10434666

Makepeace, Benjamin L and Kamalakannan, Vijayan and Shiny, Abijit and Babu, Subash and Narayanan, Rangarajan Badri (2015) Autophagy Protects Monocytes from Wolbachia Heat Shock Protein 60–Induced Apoptosis and Senescence. PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 9 (4). e0003675. ISSN 1935-2735

Monin, Leticia and Griffiths, Kristin L. and Lam, Wing Y. and Gopal, Radha and Kang, Dongwan D. and Ahmed, Mushtaq and Rajamanickam, Anuradha and Cruz-Lagunas, Alfredo and Zúñiga, Joaquín and Babu, Subash and Kolls, Jay K. and Mitreva, Makedonka and Rosa, Bruce A. and Ramos-Payan, Rosalio and Morrison, Thomas E. and Murray, Peter J. and Rangel-Moreno, Javier and Pearce, Edward J. and Khader, Shabaana A. (2015) Helminth-induced arginase-1 exacerbates lung inflammation and disease severity in tuberculosis. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 125 (12). pp. 4699-4713. ISSN 0021-9738


Parasa, Venkata Ramanarao and Selvaraj, Anbalagan and Sikhamani, Rajasekaran and Raja, Alamelu (2015) Interleukins 15 and 12 in combination expand the selective loss of natural killer T cells in HIV infection in vitro. Clinical and Experimental Medicine, 15 (2). pp. 205-213. ISSN 1591-9528

Pathakumari, Balaji and Anbarasu, Deenadayalan and Parthasarathy, R.T. and Raja, Alamelu (2015) PpiA antigen specific immune response is a potential biomarker for latent tuberculosis infection. Tuberculosis, 95 (6). pp. 736-743. ISSN 14729792

Pathakumari, Balaji and Prabhavathi, Maddineni and Raja, Alamelu (2015) Evaluation of cytokine and chemokine response elicited by Rv2204c and Rv0753c to detect latent tuberculosis infection. Cytokine, 76 (2). pp. 496-504. ISSN 10434666

Prabhavathi, Maddineni and Kabeer, Basirudeen Syed Ahamed and Deenadayalan, Anbarasu and Raja, Alamelu (2015) Role of QuantiFERON-TB Gold antigen-specific IL-1β in diagnosis of active tuberculosis. Medical Microbiology and Immunology, 204 (5). pp. 567-574. ISSN 0300-8584

Prabhavathi, Maddineni and Pathakumari, Balaji and Raja, Alamelu (2015) IFN-γ/TNF-α ratio in response to immuno proteomically identified human T-cell antigens of Mycobacterium tuberculosis – The most suitable surrogate biomarker for latent TB infection. Journal of Infection, 71 (2). pp. 238-249. ISSN 01634453


Selvaraj, P (2015) Vitamin D and Macrophage Functions in Tuberculosis. Macrophage. ISSN 2378136X

Stitt, Alan and Aravindhan, Vivekanandhan and Mohan, Viswanathan and Arunkumar, Namasivayam and Sandhya, Sreedharan and Babu, Subash (2015) Chronic Endotoxemia in Subjects with Type-1 Diabetes Is Seen Much before the Onset of Microvascular Complications. PLOS ONE, 10 (9). e0137618. ISSN 1932-6203


Unissa, A. Nusrath and Selvakumar, N. and Narayanan, Sujatha and Suganthi, C. and Hanna, L. E. (2015) Investigation of Ser315 Substitutions withinkatGGene in Isoniazid-Resistant Clinical Isolates ofMycobacterium tuberculosisfrom South India. BioMed Research International, 2015. pp. 1-5. ISSN 2314-6133


Vasanthakumar, Rathinam and Mohan, Viswanathan and Anand, Gowrisankar and Deepa, Mohan and Babu, Subash and Aravindhan, Vivekanandhan (2015) Serum IL-9, IL-17, and TGF-β levels in subjects with diabetic kidney disease (CURES-134). Cytokine, 72 (1). pp. 109-112. ISSN 10434666

Venkatesan, Arunkumar and Hassan, Sameer and Palaniyandi, Kannan and Narayanan, Sujatha (2015) In silico and experimental validation of protein–protein interactions between PknI and Rv2159c from Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling, 62. pp. 283-293. ISSN 10933263

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